Course Contents

ASP.Net Overview. Concepts of MVC.MVC Execution Process. MVC folder structure.
Routing in ASP.Net MVC
Filters in MVC.Action Filters attributes, Bundling in MVC.Style Bundling.Script Bundling.
Razor Syntax Fundamentals, Layout View, Sections and Partial Views
Reuse of code rendering HTML using custom HTML Helper method
Architecture of Config File, App Settings, Exception Handling and Encrypting Connection string
Sharing data across requests from same client/user using Cookies and Session
Validations in MVC Form.Output Caching and Data Caching.
Controllers in ASP.Net.A ction Methods. Action Selector Attributes.
View in MVC.ViewData.ViewBag.TempData
Model in MVCIntegrate Model View and Controller.Binding Model to View,Controller
Entity Framework.

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