Fly Drones at your fingertip now right from your phone
When you buy a drone, it usually comes with its own controller, which is the most logical way to fly the drone. However, most DJI drones can actually

Robot Slaves, From the 80s to 2022
The first contemporary digitally programmable robot was invented by George Devol in 1954. Nicknamed Unimate, the machine was a simple autonomous arm

Kolkata Hackathon a Success!
Cyber techies in and around Kolkata! Kolkata Police and IEMLabs invite you to participate in the KP Hackathon. You'll be part of a team of like-minded

M2 Set To conquer the world
The M2 chip is here, ushering in the second generation of Apple's bespoke silicon.The Apple M2 chip
The Apple M2 is a series of ARM-based system on a chip designed by Apple Inc. as a central processing unit and graphics processing unit for its Mac.Apple unveils M2, taking the breakthrough performance and capabilities of M1 even further.

GitHub Breach: Hackers Stole Code-Signing Certificates for GitHub Desktop and Atom
Silicon Valley USA
GitHub on Monday disclosed that unknown threat actors managed to exfiltrate encrypted code signing certificates pertaining to some versions of GitHub Desktop for Mac and Atom apps. As a result, the company is taking the step of revoking the exposed certificates out of abundance of caution. The follo