Robot Slaves, From the 80s to 2022
At their core, robots can best be described as artificial servants, an idea that stretches all the way back to Ancient Egypt. And while the technology to build robots as we might recognize them today was centuries from being invented, the idea of a robot was certainly alive and well.Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania create millions of nanobots over the span of a few weeks using technology from semiconductors. They are small enough to be injected into the human body and controlled remotely.It is startling to think that robotics is such a relatively “new” industry given the psychological and emotional roots of automata in civilization’s history. From the myths of the ancient world to the startling technological developments of today, it is evident that this is only the beginning of our species’s narrative with the cybernetic other. And who knows? Perhaps in the not too distant future, they will have a greater hand in molding that story than we could have possibly imagined.